Exploring Ohio City


A couple weekends ago I visited a few of my best friends in the Cleveland area. I started Friday night in Chagrin Falls, spent Saturday in Ohio City, Tremont, and North Olmsted, then decided to drive over to Huron on Sunday to spend a couple hours by the lake. It was a great trip. I really needed the time out of Columbus and with my friends. It was also my first solo road trip, which was pretty cool! I ended up taking the most pictures while we were at Ohio City.

ohiocity1 ohiocity3 ohiocity4 ohiocity2 ohiocity5 ohiocity6 ohiocity7 ohiocity8 ohiocity9

My friend from Chagrin Falls really wanted to show me Ohio City, so we met my other friend from North Olmsted at the West Side Market. It was my first time in Ohio City, which meant that it was my first time visiting the West Side Market! We didn’t spend a ton of time in the actual market, but I liked what I saw. The West Side Market reminded me of the Eastern Market in Detroit. I wish Columbus had a more grocery-store style market, the North Market is great, but only to grab a meal. Anyway, after we all met up, we walked around and decided to grab a drink at TownHall. I got the Sandyfornication served in a beaker and it was delicious! We ended up leaving Ohio City afterward to go to Tremont because there was a vintage bridal store close by – Miranda’s Vintage Bridal. I suggested that we could look at wedding dresses (since I hadn’t at that point in time) while I was in town. Little did I know, I would try on the dress! I didn’t end up getting it that day, but after I couldn’t stop thinking about it for most of last week, I knew I had to get it! So, even though our wedding is just over a year away, I have a dress!! After shopping, we went back to Ohio City to eat some Ice Cream at Mitchell’s. I had been hearing about Mitchell’s for a while and I knew that was one thing I wanted to do while in Cleveland. I got the Coconut and Blue Cosmo. And as I am writing this post, I am craving the Blue Cosmo flavor – yum! We ended up heading home after ice cream. I can definitely see why they wanted to show me Ohio City! I’ll definitely have to visit again, maybe I’ll swing by when I pick up my dress in a couple months.

Have you ever been to Ohio City? Have a great Wednesday!


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