What I Wore — Pokemon

pokemonalumcreektitleHey y’all! Did you miss me? I took an unplanned blog break. No big reason expect that I felt I needed a break and wanted a week where I could watch T.V. at the end of the night. Chase and I started watching the old T.V. series October Road a few weeks ago and watched the last two episodes Sunday night. Has anyone else watched this show!? It makes me SO sad that they only had two seasons! I really enjoyed the show and it reminded me of Gilmore Girls (if you didn’t know, I am a HUGE GG fan!). I’m looking forward to the start to the new season of GG and I also heard that Degrassi is coming to Netflix at the end of the week…so you know what I’ll be doing in the weeks to come. I am not even that much of a T.V. watcher – I usually only watch when I am with Chase.

pokemonalumcreek1 pokemonalumcreek4 pokemonalumcreek2pokemonalumcreek3 pokemonalumcreek6pokemonalumcreek5Shirt: Target (about 5 years old from the Boys section) ~ Shorts: Second Chance Consignment (originally from J. Crew) ~ Shoes: Toms (last summer) ~ Bag: JoTotes  (Allison Butterscotch)

So besides watching October Road, I have been playing Pokemon Go! I don’t play too much (I just got to Level 6 last night and I have caught 43 Pokemon), but I think it’s fun! I was a big Pokemon fan as a kid. I remember watching the T.V. series before school as a kid with my brother. I collected stuffed and hard Pokemon toys while he mostly played the games, and we both collected cards (he played with them and I only collected cute Pokemon cards). Since the game has been so popular, I thought it was appropriate to break out my Pokemon shirt! I bought it in high school because I had a friend who used to call me “Ash Gotta Catch ‘Em All,” which makes sense for an Ashley that grew up playing Pokemon! Chase and I took a quick up to Alum Creek State Park to shoot these photos while playing Pokemon. I ended up catching a few new creatures, which was exciting!

Have you been playing Pokemon Go? Have a great Tuesday! I’ll be back tomorrow with a post about my adventure in Cleveland a couple weekends ago.


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