Sunflower Snapshots


Sunflowers are definitely my favorite flower. I have memories of them growing at the house I grew up at. I love how large they are and they remind me of summer/fall. I took these photos when Chase and I visited Hoover YMCA Park. A friend of mine works there and he showed us around. We are considering their event space as our reception venue. The sunflowers are tucked away in the Learning Garden. The garden contains different plants, fruits, and veggies. I climbed in some dirt for these photos, and I am sure glad I did! I definitely want to use sunflowers in our wedding. I am thinking about have my bridesmaids hold a single sunflower, and I found these paper ones online (Ohio made in Cleveland!) thatΒ could be possibly customized as boutonnieres!

sunflowers5 sunflowers1 sunflowers3sunflowers6 sunflowers2sunflowers10 sunflowers4 sunflowers7sunflowers9 sunflowers8

I was planing on publishing something else today, but I changed my mind when I looked through these pictures again. I am still learning how to use my DSLR, but I am really pleased with how these came out. These photos make me happy and we need happiness after the tragedies that occurred this week. It is hard to read social media when pictures and videos of violence are all around it. I have been especially trying to stay away from the videos because I can’t watch someoneΒ shoot an innocent person. The violence, hate, and discrimination have me feeling pretty low (and I think the job process is also bringing me down). So, why not look at pretty sunflowers before you start your weekend? I have hope for the weekend because I get to see two of my best friends and I can’t wait to spend time with them. In tragedy, it is best to be withΒ the ones we love, right?

Have a great weekend!


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