What I Wore — Polka Dots & Teal


These photos were taken around Downtown Grove City. Chase and I walked around Grove City after visiting our first possible wedding venue! The venue was close by and I had been wanting to see the downtown area for a while. As of today, we have officially been engaged for 6 months! Can you believe it?! We really just started wedding planning a month ago when we stayed up late one Friday night brainstorming a guest list. Visiting the venue made it feel more real and got me all excited to plan our wedding. Actual wedding planning goes in phases of stress and excitement, but I am absolutely excited to marry Chase!

tealdots7 tealdots6 tealdots5 tealsdots3 tealdots4 tealdots1 tealdots2Top: Second Chance Consignment ~ Jeans: hand-me-down? ~ Bag: JoTotes (Allison Butterscotch)~ Shoes: Moorea Seal ~ Earrings: gift ~ Necklace: Red Giraffe Designs

Can you believe I am wearing jeans on the blog, again?! I’ve been slowly mixing pants back into my outfits. I actually wore a skirt with this outfit earlier in the day, but decided to change into jeans when I got off work. I’m glad I did because we walked around the woods and it got kind of chilly in the evening. Are colored jeans still in? I have a few pairs and I love them! I recently bought this top because I thought it would be great for interviews. It goes well with my blazers and it’s breezier for summer while still being professional. Plus, the top was less than $5! My JoTotes bag has become my new everyday bag. I use it as a work bag and take it on most adventures when I bring my camera. I have a smaller camera bag for when I bike because biking with this one is no fun. I love how durable it is and it matches everything! It also has dividers that you can take out and move around inside the bag, which is great when you carry a camera, an extra lens, and other purse stuff. This totally isn’t sponsored by JoTotes, I just love the bag!

Have a great Wednesday!


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