July Goals


How did your 4th of July weekend go? Mine was nice! Chase and I did a lot of laying around watching movies and television shows. We were feeling pretty lazy, but it’s nice to have weekends that are extra lazy. We did go to Franklin Park Conservatory, which I’ll share on the blog soon. June’s goals didn’t go as well as I thought they would, so before seeing my July goals, let’s look at how my June goals went:

1. Clean out inboxes. Ehh. I cleaned out my blog inbox and started  my work one, but failed to clean out my school inbox. This was a harder task than I thought.

2. Finish a bookI finished Searching for Sunday by Rachel Held Evans! I really loved this book. I found it relatable to my own Christian/church journey.

3. Make time to paint. I only painted painted once in June. I wish I would’ve done this more.

4. Run/bike 4 times a week. So, this goal was harder to achieve than I originally thought it would be. I should’ve made it to exercise 4 times a week. I am realizing that I am not a morning person, which makes it hard to get my runs in before work. I usually work in the evenings at my second job, blog, clean, or spend time with friends. I did accomplish this one week and I was close another week. I really would like to develop more of a routine for working out…any suggestions?

5. No candy at the office.  I did it!

2/5 – not great. I definitely can do better than that next month! Here are my goals for July:

1. Start wedding planning. Chase and I looked at a wedding venue last week and it finally got me excited to start wedding planning. To save money, I plan to DIY a ton of things and it’s best to start early, right?

2. Switch doctors. My old doctor retired (and I was still seeing my pediatrician). I need to make the call to switch and probably go in for a check up.

3. Create things. This goes along with the first goal. I hope I can create non-wedding things, too. I hoped to make time for painting last month and failed at that, so why not a do-over?

4. Clean out work inbox. I definitely need to go through my work email before leaving my job. I should try to devote about 15 minutes during the work-day doing this to get it done.

5. Make blog button. I started a blog button a month or so ago, but I didn’t do what I needed to finish. I want to explore options of advertising and sharing my blog button on other blogs!

As always, I am linking up with Nicole at Writes Like a Girl! Have a great Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “July Goals

  1. I LOVE your goals! Also as someone who DIYd most of her wedding, definitely definitely start early on your projects! Try to get some time in every day to work on them, even if you’re just lounging and watching tv while you do them. Switching doctors is so stressful sometimes, but I’m sure you’ll find someone great!

    1. Thank you! I plan on making paper flowers for decorations and I told my friends we can have wine nights and make flowers haha. I’d love advice on wedding planning! We’re planning on getting married next August. I plan on seeing who my mom sees, but I gotta make the call to switch my records.

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