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Creative Babes Vol. 6


Last Thursday night I went to my first Creative Babes event! I had heard about Creative Babes through social media and have been following them on Instagram for the past few months. Look at how awesome their mission statement is? I emailed the co-founders, Megan and Hilary, after feeling inspired by what I had seen them doing on social media and around Columbus. I have been longing for a sisterhood and a creative group of pals to discuss blogging with (not that my current friends aren’t creative or won’t let me talk about blogging). Creative Babes has hosted a few events over the past few months, but last Thursday was the first one I could attend. I purchased my ticket online to save my seat and was excited to attend and meet new babes. This event was held in the upstairs space at Copious in the Brewery District, which I had never been to. The agenda for the night included time for drinks and mingling, along with a talk by Kelley Engelbrecht (editor/founder for The Wonderfilled Magazine). To prep for the event, I created handmade blog business cards for the event with old map paper, water colors, and sketching pens to pass out at the event.

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I’m really glad I went. It was great to finally attend a Creative Babes event and I feel like I learned some things about myself. I had high expectations for the event, but I think my shyness and anxiety kind of got the best of me. I never have thought of myself as a shy person, but in certain social settings I have a hard time interacting with people I don’t know. I had a few great conversations with some babes that I hope that I can meet up with them again and follow their adventures, but there were a few people I wanted to introduce myself to and a froze in the moment. If I were to do this first event again, I would invite a friend for encouragement and support.  Maybe if I would have had a friend with me, I wouldn’t have felt so shy because it wasn’t just me going up to a creative stranger. I’ve recently realized that I haven’t done a ton of things completely alone, and that can be attributed to being in a relationship  for almost 5 years and I see my friends a ton. I still think of myself as a fairly independent person, but branching outside my comfort zone for networking and social events is something I could definitely work on. You know something else? I think the farthest I have ever driven alone is like 40 minutes to an hour. I’m going on a trip to Cleveland in a few weekends and I realized that I had never done a solo trip like that before (Cleveland is about 2 hours from Columbus). Maybe this is my big first post-grad lesson about myself? I hope to work on branching out by myself and to feel more confident and comfortable introducing myself to people. Hopefully I’ll do better at the next Creative Babes event! Have you ever felt like this before? I’d love to hear your story, especially ways to overcome the shyness!

Have a great Thursday!


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