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Ohio Birds Mural


As promised in yesterday’s outfit post, here are more photos of the Ohio Birds Mural. The mural is located under a bridge on Indianola Avenue in the Glen Echo Ravine. As I said in yesterday’s post, I found out about the mural on Instagram about a month ago. It’s located in a pretty secluded areaΒ right next to the ravine. We saw a few people who were out running and walking around the park while we snapped pictures. Each bird has a plaque next to their name of what type of bird they are.ohiobirdsmural3 ohiobirdsmural7 ohiobirdsmural4 ohiobirdsmural8 ohiobirdsmural2 ohiobirdsmural1ohiobirdsmural6ohiobirdsmural5I absolutely love murals, which is why I try to blog about them when I can (check out the murals I found in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas, TX & the Eastern Market in Detroit, MI). They are a great form of public art and can beautify any space. I think something that I love about murals is in this age with social media, people love to share them online! We take pictures of ourselves and friends in front of them, our bikes, our food, and even our water-bottles (haha). They are a destination as much as a form of art!Β Do you have a favorite mural? Feel free to share it in the comments!

Have a great Tuesday!


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