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Columbus Zoo


Chase and I went to the Columbus Zoo earlier this week. It had been a while since both of us had been to the zoo. I wanted to go end the of the school year, but the weather wasn’t cooperating with us and we didn’t have time to go. When I heard about the baby tigers, I knew I definitely wanted to make a trip to see them. If you haven’t heard, there are three three-month old tiger cubs! The cubs are usually only out between 10:00 am- 2:00 pm, and we were cutting it close to make it time to see them! They ended up staying out a little past 2:00 and we probably spent between 20 and 30 minutes watching them. They were so adorable! They had so much energy and the mom was such a beautiful creature. It was great to visit their site and for them to all be awake for a majority of the time (the lions and cheetahs were asleep when we went by). As I was taking photos I wished that I brought my other lens to get closer shots of them, but oh well. After we saw the tigers, we went to see the languars, red panda, giraffes, and flamingos, plus a few sleeping animals along the way that I didn’t take a ton of pictures of. The languars were really active and close to the glass! I took biological anthropology and I loved learning about primates, so I enjoyed watching them run around. Marmosets (which are in the primate family) are my favorite animal, but the Columbus Zoo doesn’t have any!

zoo13 zoo1 zoo4 zoo2zoo3 zoo5 zoo7 zoo9 zoo6 zoo10 zoo8 zoo11 zoo12

It was pretty hot the day we went to the zoo, which would explain why so many animals were asleep. We were exhausted after a few hours at the zoo! Part of that might be because we basically ran to get to the tigers once we arrived – I was determined to see the cubs! We ended up cooling off with some Rita’s Italian Ice in Downtown Powell. Rita’s is one of my favorite places and I wish it was closer! It’s so refreshing and delicious. We ended up taking a power-nap as soon as we got home because we both had things to do in the evening. Does anyone else feel like they take more naps in the summer because the sun exhausts you or is that just me? All and all, it was a good day! If you live in Central Ohio, I would highly recommend making it out to see the tiger cubs – you won’t be disappointed!

Have a great weekend!


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