Columbus Pride Parade


As I mentioned in Monday’s outfit post, I marched in this year’s Pride Parade with my church. This was the 35th year of the Stonewall Columbus Pride Parade and Festival. Stone Village Church is one of the several churches that march during the parade. Not all churches are against the LGBTQ community and my church includes everyone. The march goes from the corner of Broad and High down High Street to Goodale Park. Goodale Park is where the Pride Festival is held. Before the parade, we met with a large group at our church, which is located in the Short North/Italian Village, to walk to the start of the parade. We also biked from my house to the church, so after we were pretty exhausted. Chase has a FitBit and we walked about 10 miles on Saturday!

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It was a really powerful experience to participate in Pride. It was my first Pride parade and I am really glad I finally got to experience it. I will definitely be going in the future! I had been planning on going before the incident happened in Orlando, but it definitely made the experience more meaningful. It was a great to see all of the support for the LGBTQ community. There were a few protesters at the parade, but they were drowned out in all of the love. We passed out temporary tattoos that matched our Pride shirts and said “Jesus Loves Everyone” and passing those out to people who may have been neglected by the church because of their sexuality/gender was really amazing. It was nerve-wracking to pass the tattoos out to the protesters, but we must spread the love. Even if you are not a member of the LGBTQ community, it is important to celebrate Pride because who are you to judge who someone else loves? I am an ally to the LGBTQ community because EVERYONE deserves the right to love who they please. 

Have a great Wednesday!


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