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What I Wore — Staple & Statement


Most outfits are made up of staple and statement pieces. My top, sandals, and bag are staples because they go with multiple things, but my skirt and necklace are more statement pieces because they are harder to match. I think statement pieces can really inspire outfits. This outfit was inspired by my necklace from JillMakes that one of my good friends got me as a birthday gift.  I love the necklace and I am going to have fun pairing it with other outfits! I’ve actually worn this skirt twice on the blog already (see here and here). I haven’t worn it a lot recently, but I thought it matched my necklace well. Also, tied shirts have been my go-to lately – they are great for the summer!

staplestatement7staplestatement1 staplestatement2 staplestatement3 staplestatement6 staplestatement4staplestatementstaplestatement8 staplestatement5Top: thrifted ~ Skirt: Second Chance Consignment ~ Sandals: Toms ~ Wood Necklace: JillMakes (gift) ~ Bag: JoTotes

Did you notice the purple in my hair? It’s mostly visible in the front where I had my bleached part in mt bangs. I used my violet color conditioner last Friday, and it’s pretty faded at this point. It’s always fun to go purple for a few days! Chase took these photos for me before and after we met up with some people from our church at Seventh Son Brewery. The first time I went to Seventh Son I noticed the awesome Budd Dairy building and wanted to go back to get photos of it. It looks like the building might be redeveloped at some point (see this article). I just hope with whatever happens to the building, the character of it stays put! Since we biked to Seventh Son, I wanted to do a little exploring around the area after our get-together. We ended up finding the Bethany Baptist Church (see the two first photos) right behind Budd Dairy. I found this page that shows that the church was occupied from 1906-1968, and the church moved to a new location in 1968. I also found this article that says that they have considered redeveloping the church into housing, but since it was posted in 2014 I am not to sure that is going to happen. I love finding older buildings around Columbus and researching the history behind them! Hopefully I can do more of that this summer with my friends. I feel like there is still SO much of Columbus I haven’t fully explored. Are there still parts of your city you want to see?

Have a great Thursday!


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