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My Succulent Shelf


The summer before last, I purchased some succulents from a garden center and CVS. I didn’t think the CVS plants would make it too long since I purchased them from a convenient store, but they have all out lived the ones I got at the garden center. I should also mention that I am terrible at taking care of plants. My parents always try to give me plants and I somehow always kill them. I usually forget to water them, but these guys are right next to my kitchen sink so it is easy to remember. Succulents are one of the easiest plants to take care of,  but these guys were looking a little ratty until a few weeks ago when I cleaned out all the dead leaves and re-potted them. Since I did that, I have been pleased with how they look and have wanted to photograph them for my blog.

succulentshelf (3) succulentshelf (6) succulentshelf (5)succulentshelf (2) succulentshelf (1) succulentshelf (4)succulentshelf succulentshelf (7)

This little space makes me happy! And we all need some happiness after this weekend. I’m still grieving and processing the shooting in Orlando. I heard the news as my pastor and worship team were preparing for our three Sunday morning services. Since I attended all three services because I was on the worship team this week, we prayed for Orlando and the LGBTQ community each service and each service it was harder on my heart. We have our Pride festival in Columbus this weekend and I am planning on marching with my church. Many are concerned about the festival and parade because of what happened in Orlando, but I don’t want that to stop us from celebrating the LGBTQ community and pride in Columbus. We can’t give into the act of hatred by feeling fearful because that’s exactly what hate wants, we must strive to love one another. When deciding what to blog about this week, I thought some pictures of happy plants, gnomes, a lady-bug, and a Buddha could be cheerful and maybe even hopeful.  I challenge you to find the hope in the chaos, even if it’s some pretty plants. We can only fight hate with love.

Have a great Tuesday!


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