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West Cherry Street by Placemakes:


Last night, a friend and I went to the opening of West Cherry Street that was put on by Placemakes:. I had seen the event on my Facebook page and was curious about it. I had seen the parklet they had at Independents’ Day, Urban Scrawl, and the most recent one on Gay Street. I was excited to see them doing another project with a street, even though I wasn’t completely famliar with the organization itself. At least two of the people on their team graduated from my program at OSU, which is pretty cool to see what they are doing outside of their jobs with their degress! I wasn’t planning on going to the launch until my friend invited me to go, and I’m glad I went!

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We arrived later in the evening and started out by painting on the mural that was posted. They are trying to beat the world record of people participating in a public mural this weekend during the Columbus Arts Festival (which I blogged about last year, see here).  After painting, we walked around and chatted with people as I took photos. There’s a patio with picnic tables, a mini free library, a place to sit, flowers, and colorful public art along West Cherry! I thought they would have more  entertainment and vendors set up, but the big event is going to be on Sunday for Cherry Sundays! They will make Cherry Sundays a weekly thing after the road is closed for the next 2 months. I’m excited to see what this public space does for Downtown! I would love to see more spaces like this in Columbus. If you are going to the Columbus Arts Festival, support Placemakes:!

Have a great weekend!


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