What I Wore — Chambray, Stripes, & Flowers


I wasn’t sure what to name this “What I Wore” post, which is part of the reason that I didn’t publish it yesterday. I kept it with simple with material and style names. I love the chambray style! I have a skirt, a few tops, and now this tank all in chambray! I feel like chambray matches almost anything. When I bought these two pieces on the same trip to Second Chance Consignment (where I get a majority of my clothes), I didn’t think I would wear them together. I was trying to style the skirt and thought it worked perfectly with the white flowers in the top. I wore my silver glitter sandals from ModCloth with this outfit after my flats from Moorea Seal got soaked earlier from a quick thunderstorm. I got the sandals to wear for graduation and this is the first real appearance they have made on the blog! They have definitely been a staple of mine since it has turned into summer.

ChamStrpFlowers (6)ChamStrpFlowers (4) ChamStrpFlowers (7) ChamStrpFlowers (5) ChamStrpFlowersChamStrpFlowers (1)Top & Skirt: Second Chance Consignment ~ Sandals: ModCloth (currently 70% off) ~ “Create” Necklace: Red Giraffe Designs

These photos were taken in Grandview (same location as some of the shots in this outfit post). I really like the look of the street with the tall building (Summit Chase) in the background. I definitely think all of the pieces in this outfit will be staples in my summer wardrobe. What are your staples this summer?

Have a great Tuesday!


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