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23 before 23


Time for another birthday related blog post! I shared 21 Things About Me earlier this week to mark the end of my 21st year. I turn 22 this Sunday and I got the idea from Nicole at Writes Like a Girl to do birthday goals (her birthday was last weekend & see her “27 before 27” post here). I’ve been brainstorming in a note on my phone for the last week and half of everything that I’d like to accomplish before I turn 23 next year. Here are the things I want to accomplish during my 22nd year:

1. Read 6 books. 

2. Be a better area commissioner. 

3. Visit D.C., again.

4. Go to a yoga class.

5. Bike 200 miles.

6. Start a new job.

7. Visit my best friend in Chicago.

8. Meet a blogger friend.

9. Learn GIS.

10. Find beach glass at Lake Erie.

11. Make post-grad friends.

12. Take a class/workshop for fun.

13. Go out in public without make-up.

14. Make wedding plans.

15. Become less addicted to my phone.

16. Do a 5K.

17. Get another tattoo.

18. Travel to Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

19.  Go to a drive-in movie. 

20. Visit a new state. 

21. Join a professional group. 

22. Collaborate with local creatives. 

23. Navigate & Enjoy post-grad life. 

I’m looking forward to my three day weekend that will be full of celebrating Memorial Day and my birthday! Chase won us tickets to a concert tonight, so that’s what we’re doing to kick off our weekend! Do you have any fun plans? Have a great weekend!

*Photo taken by Anna during my Second Blogiversary shoot! 


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