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21 Things About Me


My birthday is this coming Sunday, so this my last few days being 21! I had been brainstorming birthday blog post ideas and I wanted to do something to wrap up 21. I have a “23 before 23” blog post in the works, but I still felt like I needed something to summarize 21. I have never really done an “About Me” post besides my About Me page, so I decided to share 21 things about me post! So, here are 21 things you may/may not know about me:

1. I’m usually over-dressed, which is fine because I would rather be over than under-dressed to an occasion.

2. I have two calico kitties – Picka & Polka that will turn four this weekend (we share the same birthday).

3. I work at a local salon and it’s probably one of the best jobs ever.

4. Rings are my favorite accessory.

5. I was the mascot at my high school – Go Bobcats!

6. I can roll my tongue like how people can roll their stomachs.

7. I’ve had my ears pierced twice. They closed the first time around and now I am happily wearing earrings everyday the second time around.

8. I am really interested in social-media marketing. I manage the social media account for a few different projects.

9. May & October are my favorite months.

10. Chase & I will celebrate five years together this August and have been engaged since this past January.

11. I’m pretty addicted to Instagram. Follow Me! 

12. I love riding my bike/I dislike driving my car.

13. I was elected to my neighborhood area commission this past December.

14. I graduated college without pulling any all-nighters!

15. If I had to pick my last meal right now, it would be shrimp & cheesy grits with a side of mac n’ cheese. #southerncomfortfood

16. Asheville, North Carolina was the first city I fell in love with.

17. If I could go to any country in the world, it would be Australia! I’m fascinated with the culture, landscape, & animals.

18. It’s my goal to be a creative manager for an artist/maker community-space (like the Idea Foundry) someday.

19. I sing in the worship band at my church.

20. I’m not a natural redhead. I’m really a dirty-blonde, or “dishwater blonde” as my mom says.

21. 21 was great, but I am SO ready for 22. Yay post-grad life!

Tell me something about YOU in the comments! 🙂 Have a great Wednesday!

*Photo taken by Anna during my Second Blogiversary shoot!


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