What I Wore – Black & White


I’ve worn this outfit several times and it’s about time that I documented it on the blog! I got this dress from a client at the salon I work at. She gave me a huge bag of clothes a few months ago and the blazer worn in this outfit is also from her. This dress is definitely not something I would normally pick out for myself, but I love the fit and the design. I think it looks great with this little cardigan, a regular cardigan, and even a blazer. And of course, I am wearing my Moorea Seal shoes with this outfit. Hopefully you aren’t sick of seeing them yet! They are out of stock in the style I have (Indra Flat), but they recently introduced the Irina Flat!

black&white (6) black&white (3) black&white (5) black&white (4) black&white (7) black&white (2)Dress & Cardigan: hand-me-down ~ Shoes: Moorea Seal ~ Necklace: Red Giraffe Designs

Chase took these photos for me by an alley close toΒ my house. We had planned to take outfit pictures after church, but we went on a bike ride around Columbus. It felt great to get out and be active in the finally summer weather. I didn’t really want to wear this outfit while biking around or carry my camera, so the photos got pushed to the end of the day. We ended up biking 15 miles and I am excited to bike more this summer!Β At the end of the day, we were feeling mighty lazy (bike ride & homemade tacos will do that to you!), but we got off the couch to catch golden hour for these outfit photos.

Have a great Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “What I Wore – Black & White

  1. Love the outfit, your hair cut and colour is awesome. I also love the light of the photos. Cheers, Michele

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