Columbus · Snapshots

Snapshots on Gay Street


When out shooting for my second blogiversary, we spent most of our time on Gay Street in Downtown Columbus. I not only had my picture taken by Anna, but I also took pictures myself on my new DSLR. I am definitely still a newbie with my new camera, but it’s one of my summer goals to become better at using it. The part of Gay Street we were on was so photogenic. I would definitely go back and shoot more pictures, especially to see the place in Spring and Fall. I would love to live in one of the brownstones on Gay Street. GaySt (8) GaySt (9) GaySt (3) GaySt (1) GaySt (7) GaySt (5) GaySt (6) GaySt (2)

Also, can we talk about how thankful I am it is Friday – and that fact that I am extra thankful it is this Friday because Chase returns from Northern Ireland? Oh yeah, Chase (my fiance, if you are new here) left for Northern Ireland with a few of his classmates the day after my graduation. They got to do SO many cool things, and I might even have him to a guest post on here of his adventures! Anyways, these past few two weeks have been weird. I don’t know if it’s post-graduation blues, or what. I’ve been really tired (getting out of bed in the morning continues to be a struggle – does it get any easier the older you get?!) and have overall lacked motivation. Because of my lack of motivation, I am still struggling with establishing a routine (which was a goal for May after it failed in April). Anyone have any advice on any of these things – sleep/tiredness, motivation, and/or establishing a routine? I would really appreciate some advice!

Have a great weekend!


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