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Second Blogiversary



Can you believe it has been two years since my first post (and that this was my first post and this was my first “real” post haha)? It has been a crazy journey these past two years. I can definitely say that blogging has become one of my favorite things. This blog started out as the “Adventures of the Crafty Critter” and I switched it to “The Vintage Urbanite” in late 2014 (see what that name means to me here). Last year was a bitter-sweet blogiversary because I was going through some personal issues (here is what I posted for my first blogiversary). I’ve posted one hundred fifty-seven times this past year. I feel like I started blogging over again in 2016 with my new caption designs and posting more regularly! A part of me wants to go back & redo all my old posts to make them match the ones I created this year because I love the new style, but I don’t think I have time for that and it’s great to look back and see how far this piece of the internet has come. At the beginning of 2016, I published some Blog Goals for 2016. I am happy to say that I am nailing 4 out of my 6 goals (monthly goals, playing around with blog design, developing better posting habits, & enjoying blogging). I hope to work harder the next 6.5 months on the other two (participate in a blogger pen-pal/meet-up & find collaboration opportunities).

2Blogiversary_AO (3) 2Blogiversary_AO (2)2Blogiversary_AO (12)2Blogiversary_AO (1) 2Blogiversary_AO (11) 2Blogiversary_AO (7) 2Blogiversary_AO (6) 2Blogiversary_AO (10) 2Blogiversary_AO (9) 2Blogiversary_AO (5) 2Blogiversary_AO (4) 2Blogiversary_AO (13)Dress: Second Chance Consignment ~ Jacket: hand-me-down ~ Sandals: Modcloth ~ Earrings & Necklace: Red Giraffe Designs ~ Bracelet: Melissa Woods Jewelry ~ Photographer: Anna Oberla 

Don’t you love that dress? It’s one of my new favorites. I love that color pallet and I think I am going to use a similar pallet for a blog logo that I have in the works. For my blogiversary, I wanted to do a different kind of shoot. I reached out to Anna after loving everything she does on Instagram (her Insta: @a.oberla). We actually went to the same high school – we were in the varsity choir together! When brainstorming what to do for a photo-shoot once we picked a date, I wanted somewhere different & colorful! I suggested we go to Sunlight Market on Gay Street in Downtown Columbus because I knew there was a colorful mural and options for lunch. After walking through all the booths, we ate lunch at Tip Top. We took several photos at the mural and in the street, then as we walked back we took photos around the beautiful townhomes on Gay Street. I ended up loving all the photos she captured of me in with my camera and thought it was perfect for my blogiversary since photography has been a big influence and driver of my blog since the start – and now I have a pretty new camera to shoot with! I love all of the photos Anna took and encourage you to look at her Tumblr and Instagram. I’ll share some of the photos I captured on this day later this week.

I’ll probably celebrate my blogiversary today by getting myself some ice cream at the end of my workday 🙂 I’m excited to see where year three takes the blog! Have a great Monday!


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