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May Wishlist


I thought of a new idea for a blog series yesterday and decided to launch it today (yay for late night blog writing!). I feel like I always have a running list of things on my wishlist and I don’t have a great way of keeping everything straight. Solution? I decided that I am going to start sharing a monthly wishlist (a lot of bloggers I follow tend to do similar things on a weekly basis). So here are some things on my wishlist for May:

A camera bag. Do you ever buy one thing and then become obsessed with said thing? Well, that’s how I am feeling about my camera right now. I want a cute, but durable bag to carry my new camera when I got on adventures. I started looking at Jo Totes because Kayla from The Dainty Squid (one of the first blogs I started reading!) raves about these bags in several of her blog posts. I love the Georgia Nautical because it is a cute, large, and could also pass a professional bag. I am also loving the Allison Butterscotch because it is smaller and would match so many things! I’m also looking at Herschel backpacks because they would work great for riding my bike and carrying camera stuff. I like this classic backpack.

A swing dress. I have been searching for one a while now. I love the selection that Old Navy has, but the past few times I have visited the store closest to me, they haven’t had the best selection. I really like this striped sleeveless one and this classic black one.

Some funky jewelry from JillMakes. I found & follow JillMakes on Instagram and immediately favorited her Etsy shop. I recently got a very simple watch from Target because I didn’t have one, and I am loving her handpainted wood watch! I also love this half moon necklace.

A summer hat. Chase always puts hats on me whenever we are out shopping, and I think I am finally going to end up buying one. I really like this simple one from Target. I’ve never really been into wearing hat because I usually like my hair the way it is, but this would be fun to add to my wardrobe!

A gingham dress. This one from Unique Vintage is ADORABLE! I’ve been wanting to get something from UV for a while. I like how this one is more of an everyday gingham dress (and it is on sale!).

Is there anything you are wishing for this May? My birthday is in May, so I might have to treat myself to something on my wishlist! Have a great weekend!


*This is not a sponsored post & I do not use affiliated links. I’ll be honest when I do have a sponsor/affiliated links. If you are interested in sponsoring a post, please email me at thevintageurbaniteblog[at]gmail[dot]com. 


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