What I Wore — Emerald Dress


Guys, I have been meaning to photograph this dress for an outfit post for almost a year. I got this dress from my aunt last year for my birthday. It’s made of heavier fabric and I mostly use it for dressier/professional occasions. I had a professional event in the afternoon (I paired it with a black blazer and I loved that look!) and decided to keep it on to get pictures when I met up with Chase later in the day. We took these photos in front of the Delaware County Courthouse with my new DSLR! Funny story…so since I am new at using a DSLR, I don’t know all the ins and outs of my camera. The first roll I shot to fill up my memory card was unknowingly shot on the RAW images setting, so when I tried to upload the photos to my blog and Facebook it wouldn’t work. I was feeling pretty frustrated that none of my photos would upload, so I took my camera back to World of Photography. The guy working showed me the setting and how to shoot to take JPEGs and explained how to convert RAW images to JPEGs (open in Photoshop and save as a JPEG). I felt a little dumb once he told me that, but I am thankful to have a place to take my camera and get my questions answered while I learn to use it!

EmeraldDress1 EmeraldDress5 EmeraldDress4 EmeraldDress6 EmeraldDress2 EmeraldDress3 EmeraldDress7Dress: gift (from Modcloth) ~ Cardigan: Target ~ Shoes: Moorea Seal ~ Purse: Primark ~ Earrings: Red Giraffe Designs

This dress is perfect for the month of May & my May birthday (the 29th!) because the birthstone for May is an Emerald! This is definitely one of my favorite dresses in my closet. I love the way it twirls and I am a little disappointed that we didn’t get any twirling shots. This dress looks great with tights & boots, too! I’ll have to restyle this outfit to show the different ways that I have worn it. I have been wearing my Indra Flats from Moorea Seal any chance I can! Most people have asked me if they are comfortable, and besides the few days of breaking them in, like any shoe in my opinion, they are great!

Have a great Thursday!


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