OSU Graduation


I graduated from The Ohio State University with my Bachelor of Science in City & Regional Planning on Sunday! It’s been a crazy past week and I am still recovering from it. I thought I would share some of my graduation pictures on here because I love how they all came out! My friends and I ended up taking grad photos together around campus a few days before the ceremony. The first dress (baby pink & blue lace) was originally going to be my commencement dress, but then I kept thinking of the second dress (lavender flowers and white) and Chase ended up getting it for me as a graduation present. I still really live the first dress, so I used it for my graduation photos. Both dresses are from Second Chance Consignment and the glitter shoes featured in both outfits are from Modcloth (they are on super sale now!). Both dresses and the sandals will probably be featured again in an outfit post at some point this summer. Also, my graduation photos were taken with my new DSLR!! I am so pleased with it! I got a Canon Rebel T3i and I have loved playing with it this past week. The photos on the day of the ceremony were taken with my old camera and my iPhone.

KnowltonGrad KnowltonCap1CapKnowlton FlowersGrad2 OvalGrad2 OSUGraduation (8) OSUGraduation (5) OSUGraduation (2)KnowltonDiplomaStadiumGrad

I had a great weekend with friends and family. It felt weird yesterday to return to “normal” (i.e. going back to work and starting my summer routine). So, how does it feel to be a college graduate? Well, I am not sure. It sure felt good to finish this semester, especially my thesis. It doesn’t feel too different because it’s summer right now, so I wouldn’t normally be in school. I keep telling most people that it will probably hit me harder in the fall when I am not attending classes. I’m trying to soak up some time with friends before they leave to go back home, or start their new adventures. Luckily, I have a ton of friends who will be staying in Columbus for a while. I am still working the same two jobs, and have been applying for jobs with the hopes of starting a new one this summer!

Cheers to new adventures for all the graduates of the class of 2016! Have a great Wednesday!


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