Things I Did at OSU

I wanted to do some sort of wrap up of my time at Ohio State and I thought the best way to do that would be a list of things that I did while on campus to bring everything together. Here are some highlights of my time as a Buckeye…thingsididatosu


I had the best first day ever. I had great classes, I got to hear The Band Perry rehearse between classes, and attend a concert by them with one of my best friends from grade school.

I took an amazing (online) class on arts & entertainment planning and figured out one of my passions in my first semester. 

I traveled to Detroit, Michigan for the first time with the city planning club. 

I made/forced people to be my friend. 

I took a life-changing course called “The Social Just City” that sparked my interest in social justice planning. This was also taught by one of my favorite professors, who I had for three more courses. 

I traveled to Chicago, Illinois for the first time over a long-weekend with three people I barely knew. They are now three of my very best friends. 

I traveled abroad for the first time to London, England on spring break! 

I decided I wanted to make a blog. 


I got a roommate when her housing situation fell through at the last second. This was definitely an adjustment for me, but I am so glad it happened!

I started an internship through my neighborhood area commission. 

I traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the first time to attend the Jubilee Conference with Chase & his school. 

I studied gangs and how they impact city planning. 

Ohio State won the National Championship – Go Bucks! 

I went to my first Independents’ Day (here is the second one) and fell in love with the community of Franklinton and the arts.  

I developed a concept for a mobile application with four friends, entered it in a contest for mobile applications for city planners, traveled to Seattle, Washington for the first time with three of those friends to attend the American Planning Association’s National Conference to compete, then won the national competition! 


I developed a Downtown Plan for Fostoria, Ohio with my classmates. 

I traveled to Louisville, Kentucky for the first time with the city planning club. I also went back to Detroit with the club and Chase came along. 

I planned Social Justice Week for the city planning club. 

I was elected as a commissioner for the neighborhood commission that I was interning at. 

I got engaged to Chase!

I designed the Banvard Gallery in Knowlton Hall

I participated in two research expos & completed my undergraduate thesis!

I got a 4.0 both semesters of senior year!

Transferring to Ohio State to pursue a degree in City & Regional Planning was one of the best decisions of my life. I struggled my freshman year at CSCC, but I know if it wasn’t for that year I wouldn’t have made all the friends and had all of the experiences I had my threes years at OSU. I definitely didn’t live a typical college life since I live off campus and work about 30 hours a week, but I am still thankful for my journey. It’s going to be weird not going to class next year and seeing all the familiar faces, but I am excited for what the future holds for all of us!


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