What I Wore — Ohio Tee


When I saw that Priya from Perfectly Priya and Sarah from Shades of Sarah were hosting a Graphic Tee Time, I knew I wanted to participate! I decided to break out my favorite Ohio Tee (made from the Columbus business, Homage) that was a gift from one of my best friends. I was debating on what to pair it with. Normally, I wear it with a black skirt and a red bow, but I decided I wanted to change things up and wear pants! I WORE PANTS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ALMOST TWO YEARS! I blogged about what I learned in a year without pants here. I’ve had this pair from Forever 21 for almost 6 years and they were too big when I first bought them (I hate returning things). I recently tried them on again and loved the way that they fit and looked! I’ve been debating on how I wanted to debut “me wearing pants” and Priya’s link-up seemed perfect! I’m loving how cute and casual this outfit is!

OhioTee 107 OhioTee 091 OhioTee 019 OhioTee 062 OhioTee 001OhioTee 059 OhioTee 052 OhioTee 038 OhioTee 042 OhioTee 120Shirt: Homage (gift) ~ Jeans: Forever 21 (old) ~ Shoes: Moorea Seal ~ Purse, Watch, Belt: Target

Even though I live in an urban area of Ohio, I thought it would fun to do some “stereotypical Ohio” shots. Why is that people associate Ohio with cornfields when we have Columbus, the coolest and fifteenth largest city in the US?! Chase and I actually ventured around for these photos yesterday (talk about last minute preparation). We spent the morning at our favorite Delaware coffee shop, Choffey’s, doing some homework (I finished my thesis!!). After homework and two cups of coffee, Chase drove us around Delaware and Morrow Counties. He had some places in mind where to take pictures, but he mostly just drove around. We ended up in some really cool spots, but also some sketchy-backwoods spots. We ended up taking 120 photos and there were a lot of good ones, which made it hard to narrow down for this post! This ended up being a great outfit to explore in – besides the shoes because I am trying to preserve them for fancier things and this adventure was a little dirty.

I’m excited to see how the others styled their graphic tees! Have a great Thursday!

Also, I had no idea until today that yesterday was Denim Day. So, it seems extra fitting that I broke out my jeans for a day that brings awareness to sexual violence prevention and education. Sexual violence is something that needs to be discussed in our culture and we need to educate the public instead of staying hush about it. I’ll proudly support Denim Day in the future.


6 thoughts on “What I Wore — Ohio Tee

  1. Thank you for linking up with us! I can definitely get behind a state tee. I’ve only visited Chicago once (Cleveland) and actually had a blast! Would love to visit again. Lace-up flats like this are a super stylish way to dress up tee. Glad the jeans worked out too, those are neat!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

    1. Thanks for hosting the link-up! If you are ever in Columbus, shoot me an email! I would love to host a fellow blogger! There’s a lot more to do in Columbus than people think, especially over the summer. I took a road-trip to Nashville a few summers ago (it’s a 9 hour trip from Columbus) and I really enjoyed it. My favorite area was East Nashville, Sky Blue Cafe was SO delicious.

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