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The Creative Studio

creativestudiopart1titleHey there! I meant to post these last week, but I have been trying to soak up my last days as a Buckeye. I had my last day of class on Friday, which is crazy! Now all I have to do is a submit my thesis and I am finished with undergrad! One of my March goals was to create a home office/ creative workshop in my guest room. When I first moved into my house I wanted this room to serve as a similar purpose, but I never got into designing it. Then after living in the house for two years alone, I had three different roommates over the course of a year and a half. My last roommate moved out in February, so it became a priority to design this space. I consider myself a creative and my word for 2016 is create, therefore, I wanted this to be place where I could create. I also wanted a space that could host guests. Before I had roommates, I had a hammock as a bed in the room, but that’s not super inviting to get people to stay the night. As myself and several of my friends get ready to graduate, I want a place where I can host someone comfortably. I actually had my first guest, Chase’s mom, come stay at the end of March. I even made a guest book and put together a basket of goodies. I also have taken a few naps and spent one night in this room because that’s what you’re supposed to do to make sure it’s comfortable for your guests!

creativestudiopart1 (8) creativestudiopart1 (4) creativestudiopart1 (5) creativestudiopart1 (2) creativestudiopart1 (1) creativestudiopart1 (3) creativestudiopart1 (7)

Isn’t that drafting table awesome?! It’s probably my favorite thing about the room. I was searching for a table/desk for the room, and whenever I am looking for something I tell my dad because he’s a great trash picker and thrifter. About a month ago when I was at my parents’ house for a visit I was talking to my dad about it and remembered that he had a drafting table in the basement that wasn’t being used! I was so excited that I remembered the table because it’s perfect for the creative studio. The bed belonged to Chase’s dad, so that was another score! It’s a trundle bed and Chase and I still need to pick up the bottom part of it. And I hope to hang more art this summer! I was thinking of hanging a fishing line where I have the two pieces now to hang more art. The quote on the map is something I did about a month ago and the fabric painting was something I bought at an art show I went to a couple weekends ago. I am really excited to see how this room will develop as I add more art and host more people!

Do you have a guest room or creative space in your home? Have a great Monday!


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