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Southern Methodist University | Dallas, TX


After I landed in Dallas and we got lunch, we stopped by Southern Methodist University. Tracy’s husband, Bob, teaches at SMU, so we visited him for a quick tour around campus. We toured SMU the same day that we visited the Truck Yard, and as I said in that post, it was a beautiful and sunny day! SMU was not on spring break during my visit, so campus was pretty busy! The campus was smaller than I expected, but I am also used to a large university going toΒ Ohio State.

SMU (7) SMU (3) SMU (10) SMU (11) SMU (5) SMU (4) SMU (1) SMU (8) SMU (6) SMU (2)

I loved the part of campus seen in the last two photos, it reminded me of Battery Park in Charleston, South Carolina. I likeΒ visiting schools when I travel. I enjoyed exploring the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor this past winter, Clemson University in South Carolina last summer, and the University of Washington in Seattle last spring. Chase and I might be visiting more schools this summer becauseΒ we are both think about applying to grad school. I know we want to visit the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill because I like their urban planning program and the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area seems like it would be a great fit for us. I was thinking about doing a post showing pictures of Ohio State sometime soon since I haven’t done that and I am preparing to graduate (in exactly a month from this day!!!).

Do you like touring colleges and universities? If so, do you have a favorite? Have a great weekend!


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