Monthly Recap

March Recap

March definitely had it’s highs and lows. It’s crazy that April marks my last full month of undergrad at Ohio State. I am looking forward to soaking up my last month as a Buckeye. Here’s a few highlights of March:marchrecapI went to my first Columbus Blue Jackets game with a couple friends. They played the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Penguins won! I was with Penguins fans, so I rooted for them instead of the CBJ. I really enjoyed the game and I definitely think hockey could be “my sport.” // I hosted a surprise party for a friend. It was great to bring everyone together to celebrate. // I took a self-defense class! // I voted in the Ohio Primary Election. // I traveled to Dallas and Waco, Texas for spring break! // I made progress on my creative studio! I plan on photographing it soon forΒ a blog post. // I finished my data collection for my research thesis and started the analysis. I also presented my research at two expos. // I upgraded to an iPhone 6S Rose Gold. // I took pictures of pretty flowers (see above). // I celebrated Easter at Stone Village and had Easter dinner with Chase & my family. // Chase’s mom came for a visit and it was nice to spend a few days with her in Columbus.

Who is looking forward to April? I’ll be sharing my goals for April on Monday! Have a great weekend!


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