Deep Ellum | Dallas, TX

deepellumnewtitleReady to see more of my trip to Dallas? Well I have a few posts from my trip that will be up this week – starting with this one! I mentioned in my post on Bishop Arts District that Deep Ellum was my favorite neighborhood we explored. Deep Ellum is in East Dallas and is right outside of Downtown Dallas. I took a TON of pictures while in Deep Ellum, mostly of the murals that I am saving for another post that will be up tomorrow. From what I could tell, Deep Ellum is changing fast. A bunch of buildings were under construction during our visit, and Tracy said that the area had been transforming a lot since she moved to Dallas three years ago. Deep Ellum reminded me of the neighborhood Franklinton in Columbus because of the art scene and how it is an up-and-coming neighborhood right outside of the city. It also reminded me of parts of Asheville, like the River Arts District that I studied my first semester at Ohio State and quickly drove through on my last visit to Asheville.DeepEllum (1) DeepEllum (8) DeepEllum (4) DeepEllum (9) DeepEllum (2) DeepEllum (5) DeepEllum (6) DeepEllum (3)DeepEllum (7)deepellumstatueOn our way out of Deep Ellum, we visited Lulu B’s Antique Mall. It was such a cool place to look around! They had home decor, furniture, clothes, jewelry, and lots of miscellaneous items. I had fun looking through the vintage clothes and found myself a new spring/summer dress that I can’t wait to wear! If I didn’t have to think about what would fit in my suitcase, I probably would have ended up with some other things. They had stuff from all the decades and it was a great last stop in the neighborhood. They will be moving shortly to a new location in another part of Dallas. The last photo of the statue is right outside of the neighborhood- it’s one of of the three “Traveling Man Sculptures.”

Have a great Monday! Stay tuned for a post on the many murals of Deep Ellum!


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