Bishop Arts District | Dallas, TX


Last week I was on spring break and I traveled to Dallas. I had never been to Texas and was feeling the itch to see a new place, plus I have an “aunt” there. I was excited and nervous when I booked my ticket for my solo adventure from Ohio to Texas because I rarely travel alone these days since I am usually with Chase on adventures (we had different breaks this year). We did a TON in Dallas! And we even took a day trip to Waco to visit Magnolia Market from HGTV’s Fixer Upper (can’t wait to share that later this week!). Bishop Arts District is small area of Oak Cliff and is south from Downtown Dallas. We visited Bishop Arts after visiting the Deep Ellum neighborhood (probably my favorite place we visited during the trip, that I will share about next week).

BishopArts (9)BishopArts (3) BishopArts (8) BishopArts (2) BishopArts (7) BishopArts (4) BishopArts (5)Dallas_March16 274BishopArts (1)BishopArts (6)Bishop Arts District was a really cute area! We walked through cute stores and explored the area. We popped in The Detectives to check out the coffee shop/bar/bookstore. I could definitely see myself frequenting this coffee shop if I lived in Dallas because the atmosphere was awesome and it is such a unique business. We ended our time in Bishop Arts by having some delicious pie from Emporium Pies. Neither of us had pie on pi day, so we definitely deserved it. I got the Nutty Honey and it was one of the best pieces of pie I have ever had. I would highly recommend visiting Emporium Pies if you are ever in Dallas (they are even opening a third location in Deep Ellum!).

Have you visited Dallas? If so, have you visited Bishop Arts District? Have a great Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “Bishop Arts District | Dallas, TX

  1. Glad you enjoyed your time in Dallas – Bishop Arts and Deep Ellum are both cool (though very different) parts of town. I feel Dallas has become much more attractive just in the last couple years – with a number of really interesting spots all over the place.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Deep Ellum and Bishop Arts are very different! Deep Ellum is more developed than Bishop Arts and is my favorite. It seemed that Dallas has a bunch of new development and redevelopment happening, and you can see the areas that will become gentrified within the next years. It’ll be interested to see what it looks like in 10-15 years. A similar thing is happening in my hometown, Columbus.
      Thanks for reading!

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