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Cats of The Heidelberg Project | Detroit, MI

catsofhptitleYesterday I shared photos of The Heidelberg Project (see here), and since there were so many photos I decided to break them up into another post. When we pulled up to the project we all noticed cats running around. A young woman had brought out a bag of food for them right when we arrived. We talked with the woman and watched the cats run around to get food. I remember a stray or two when I last visited, but not the amount that was at the project this time around. The woman said there was about twenty cats inhabiting the project now, and she takes care of them all. She is hoping to get them all spayed and neutered (it’s approaching kitten season!) in the near future to prevent more of them. She said that she was thinking about raising money to spay and neuter them, but I couldn’tΒ find any information on it when I looked around the internet (I would definitely support her in getting a cat or two spayed/neutered).

catsofhp (6) catsofhp (5) catsofhp (4) catsofhp (2) catsofhp (1) catsofhp (3)Since they are ferals, they don’t really like human interaction. I tried to get close to some and they immediately ran away. They are nice to the woman, but she feeds them, which makes sense. It’s great that there is a person taking care of them (she works for HP, too). Since I love cats, I thought it would make sense to share these photos! I had fun watching them run around and eat. The light colored cats (pictured above) look like my parents’ cat, Buster, and there was a little one who looked like my girls, Picka and Polka.

Have a great Wednesday!


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