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Eastern Market Murals | Detroit, MI

easternmarketmuralstitleHappy Monday! I shared pictures of Eastern Market on Friday, and I took SO many pictures of the murals in Eastern Market that I thought they deserved their own post!  I don’t remember there being a ton of murals when I visited Eastern Market 2.5 years ago, so I was excited when we drove into the market and passed several murals! When we were on the tour I wandered off a few times to look at the different murals and photograph them. The murals were painted around Eastern Market and the rest of Detroit by various artists as an initiative to beautify the city and as a tool for creative placemaking (see more about the history here).

EasternMarketMurals (4) EasternMarketMurals (3) EasternMarketMurals (9) EasternMarketMurals (7) EasternMarketMurals (8)

muraleastmark (1) muraleastmark (2) EasternMarketMurals (5) EasternMarketMurals (6) EasternMarketMurals (10)EasternMarketMurals (1)

I love the last two murals! The detail and the colors in the flowers are amazing, and I love how proud the people of Detroit are of their city. The public art scene in Detroit is definitely something that makes me think I could be happy in Detroit. One of my biggest passions in urban planning is arts and entertainment planning, and these murals are one form of arts planning. I would love to be involved with a city that is being innovative in the ways to draw in people and celebrate the culture. Columbus is definitely a creative city, which is one reason I love living here. Check out the Art Makes Columbus/Columbus Makes Art website to see how Columbus embraces art!

What is your favorite mural from these photos? How does your city do art? Have a great start to your week! It’s my last week of class before spring break, so it’s going to be a crazy one!


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