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Eastern Market | Detroit, MI


Ready to hear more about my trip to Detroit? I had planned on sharing this post on Wednesday, but woke up late for class (story of my life recently). We all met at Eastern Market when we arrived in Detroit. We actuallyΒ met at the Eastern Market the last time I visited Detroit, but didn’t spent too much time at the market so I wanted to go back on this trip. Chase and I arrived a little later than everyone else, so we got some mac n’ cheese for lunch from The Mac Shack, which was situated in the food truck court. It was delicious and should be in a Foodie Friday at some point. After lunch, we met up with the group and had a tour of the market from Preservation Detroit. Our tour guides showed us around the market and talked about Detroit’s history.

easternmarket (4) easternmarket (9) easternmarket (8) easternmarket (6) easternmarket (5) easternmarket (3)bridgeineasternmarket easternmarket (7) easternmarket (1)

We ended our tour at the Gratiot Central Market. The Gratiot Central Market is a huge meat market in the Eastern Market. It’s pretty amazing how big it is! We didn’t walk through that the last time, so I enjoyed seeing a new piece of the market. There’s a bridge that connects the Gratiot Central Market to the rest of the Eastern Market (see above). The markets used to be all one cohesive market, but when the highway came in, it broke them up, which is why there is a bridge that runs over the highway now. It’s sad to see what America’s highways did to some great places. While I enjoyed the tour, I wish that I could have wandered on my own more.Β The market is so large that it is hard to fully explore in a short amount of time. One thing that was different from the last time I visited was the amount of Β murals! I have another post planned on just Eastern Market murals and it will be up next week!

Have you been to Eastern Market? What did you think of it? Have a great weekend!


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