Monthly Recap

February Recap

Whew! February kicked my butt. I am looking forward to starting a new month tomorrow. Now for a few highlights of my month…febrecapI got my “create” necklace made by Kate at Red Giraffe Designs and had a fun day shooting photos with friends around Columbus. // I went to the February Gallery Hop in the Short North with a couple friends.// Chase & I celebrated our fifth Valentine’s Day together. We went to brunch at Lindey’s & walked around German Village.  // I gave out Valentines to friends for the first time in a long time. // I visited Detroit for the second time (the above photo is the Old Wayne County Building in Downtown Detroit). // After planning Social Justice Week over the past month, I got to see the results of the events I worked so hard to plan. // I finally made plans for spring break – I am going to Dallas! // Chase & I ate at Nada for the first time and saw Kacey Musgraves for the second time this past weekend.

Enjoy the last day of February!


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