Brush Park | Detroit, MI


Last semester I took a class on historic preservation and one of the neighborhoods we discussed in class was Brush Park. I knew after seeing the pictures and discussing the history of Brush Park that I wanted to visit. Brush Park is pretty close to Wayne State University, which was where we were before we left the group, so we took a quick drive to the neighborhood. We parked the car and took a walk around the area. The brick homes were incredible, but the amount of vacant land surprised me even more. I knew many homes had been torn down over the years, but I didn’t expect the amount of vacant land that was in Brush Park. Detroit has issues with vacant properties and abandoned buildings, but I thought this neighborhood would have saved more of them. It was sort of eerie walking around the area. It’s great to see some of the buildings being restored, but the vacant properties are kind of spooky. I saw two people, who I assume are homeless, walk into the below house as we were walking around.

Detroit_Feb16 093 Detroit_Feb16 101 Detroit_Feb16 095 Detroit_Feb16 089Detroit_Feb16 088 Detroit_Feb16 106 Detroit_Feb16 105 Detroit_Feb16 097Detroit_Feb16 104Detroit_Feb16 103

One of the houses that we found while walking around was the one featured in Rehab Addict with Nicole Curtis, the Ransom Gillis House. I got a few pictures of it, not knowing that it was the one she rehabbed! I had heard that she was rehabbing a house in Brush Park, but I haven’t been watching TV enough to watch any episodes. It’s the house shown in the two pictures above with the weird spiral thing (a turret) and is fenced in. I wandered why the house looked so nice and the construction fence was still up. I would love to see the rest of the abandoned properties restored, but I am not sure how likely that will be. When researching about Brush Park, I found this website that shows some new developments going into the neighborhood. While I love that the area is getting attention, I don’t think the proposed design in the website fits into the neighborhood. It will be interesting to see what happens over the years with Brush Park.

I’ll share more photos of Detroit next week. Have a great Thursday!


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