Michigan Central Station | Detroit, MI


Over the weekend I visited Detroit with Chase and some people from the city planning club I belong to. Detroit, Michigan is three and half hours north of Columbus. It was my second time in Detroit; my first was two and a half years ago with the same club when I had just started at Ohio State. I actually have two Traveling Toms posts from my first trip, that you can see here and here. Detroit stole a piece of my heart that October day in 2013. I felt connected to the city. Ever since then, I have wanted to go back. When the city planning club discussed the possibility of going back, I was excited for the opportunity to visit again. Once I told Chase, he was in too. His family actually grew up in the Detroit area, so it was fitting for us to both go back together. We are also looking at moving to Detroit after graduation, so even more of a reason to go!

MICentralStation (1) MICentralStation (7) MICentralStation (5) MICentralStation (8) MICentralStation (4) MICentralStation (3) MICentralStation (2) MICentralStation (6)

We ended up splitting up from the club in the late afternoon to do our own thing. Chase and I stayed with one of our friends who lives in Detroit and he showed us around once we left the group. We visited Brush Park (which will be on the blog tomorrow) and then made our way to Corktown to see Michigan Central Station and have drinks & dinner in the neighborhood. Michigan Central Station is a work of art that is incredibly beautiful. I am so glad that I got to visit in person!  Michigan Central Station was a train station that was built in the early 1900s, and it has been abandoned the past few years until recent efforts to restore the property. New windows were just installed in the building at the end of last year and it is rumored that it will become an apartment complex. How cool would it be to have an apartment there? I’m excited to see what happens with the property! I would sure love to see the inside. Corktown is a really cool area too! Chase and I could definitely see ourselves living in that neighborhood. We could visit Michigan Central whenever we want, and outfit photos there would be super cool – this is something I think about as a blogger when I visit places! Roosevelt Park is positioned in from of Michigan Central, and there are letters that spell “park” throughout it, which is where the “A” came from.

I’m excited to share the rest of my photos from the trip over the next couple weeks. Stay tuned to see pictures of Brush Park tomorrow! Have a great Tuesday!


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