Foodie Friday #9


Are you ready to see the foods from my trip to Charleston?! I mentioned when I shared all the posts that recapped my trips that I would eventually do a Foodie Friday for them, and it’s finally here! I changed the layout again, so let me know what you think of the photos/layout.


1. Potato-Cheddar-Broccoli soup, Chicken Marsala, & a beer from Five Loaves.

Before Chase & I visited Charleston, I messaged a friend from high school that goes to the College of Charleston to get recommendations for food/drink places and general things to do. The first place she recommended for dinner was Five Loaves! It was the perfect meal and atmosphere for starting our night out in Charleston. This was also super close to our AirBnB.

2. A waffle withΒ apple pie ice cream, burnt marshmallows, & butterscotch syrup from Parlor Deluxe.

This place was AMAZING! After dinner at Five Loaves we hit two bars (Stars & Warehouse) and we were feeling hungry again. Parlor Deluxe is across the street from Warehouse (same owners, I believe) and we stumbled in after seeing that they had waffles, ice cream, tater tots, and hot dogs – what a great menu! I ordered us the waffle with ice cream and toppings since Chase was feeling overwhelmed by the options. It was so AWESOME! I would totally go back for another waffle and ice cream, and I would love to try their hot dogs since hot dogs are one of my favorite foods (weird, right?). I would highly recommend visiting if you are ever in Charleston. The restaurant is also super cute!


3. Shrimp & Grits from Hominy Grill.

Chase and I drove by Hominy Grill when we got into Charleston, and he looked it up when we got back to the AirBnB and we decided we would go there for breakfast the morning after Parlor Deluxe and Five Loaves. I’ve definitely mentioned how much I love grits before on the blog and I love to enjoy them with shrimp! It’s one of my favorite meals to have when I go south. Hominy was crazy busy on the Sunday morning we went. We actually sat outside because the wait was really long on the inside and we needed to finish the drive to Florida to make it back for a church service. It was a little chilly the first weekend we spent in Charleston, but we had our warm food & coffee to keep us cozy.


4. A burger with mac n’ cheese & a beer from Jim N’ Nick’s Bar-B-Q.

We visited Jim N’ Nick’s BBQ on our second trip to Charleston. Chase really wanted to visit because he loves BBQ! It was a lot farther of a walk than we both remembered, but it was well worth it! The food was delicious and we shared two Peachy Keen drinks (not pictures, but you can see here on my Instagram). My beer was a local beer and it tasted similar to Shock Top, which is my favorite name-brand beer. We also had the biscuits for an appetizer and those were great! They were sweeter than normal dinner biscuits.


5. A quiche, muffin, & iced coffee from Brown’s Court Bakery.

This place was so cute.Β We actually went to Brown’s Court Bakery both weekends we spent in Charleston. The first time we just got something small to eat and coffees to hold us off before we went to Hominy Grill because I wanted to take pictures before breakfast. The second time we had a “real breakfast” and sat on the upper floor of the building. I love the building that the bakery is in! It was built in the 1800s and is full of character. The staff was really wonderful to us both visits. Brown’s Court Bakery is another place I would love to go back to and would recommend that you visit if you go to Charleston!

We definitely treated ourselves while in Charleston and I enjoyed every minute of both trips! If you missed the recaps of my Charleston trips, find them all here on my “Adventures” page under “Charleston, SC.” The food scene is just one thing I love about Charleston. Do you have any favorite places in Charleston to eat? Have a great weekend!


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