What I Wore — Valentine’s Day


Happy belated Valentine’s Day! This is what I wore yesterday on Valentine’s Day! Chase and I celebrated by going to brunch at Lindey’s in German Village. Lindey’s is one of our favorite brunch places in Columbus. As we walked around German Village after brunch I spotted the garage where we shot these photos. It was such a cool spot to take photos that I couldn’t resist even in the freezing cold temperatures. I wore many Valentine’s Day themed outfits the past few days, but wasn’t able to capture any of them because of the cold weather. It goes must faster having someone else take photos when it’s super cold.

vdayoutfit (1) vdayoutfit (2) vdayoutfit (6) vdayoutfit (3) vdayoutfit (5)

Dress: thrifted ~ Tights, Cardigan, & Boots: Target ~ Legwarmers: gift ~ Necklace: hand-me-down from a friend

I got this dress a few months ago when I went thrifting in Delaware. I’ve worn it a few times and thought it would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. And legwarmers? They’re so awesome! I own two pairs of legwarmers and I just started wearing them again. I love how they add an extra pop of pink to my wardrobe. What did you wear for Valentine’s Day?

Have a great Monday & happy President’s Day!


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