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“Stop This Train” Snapshots


“Stop This Train” seemed like the perfect title for these photos. If you haven’t heard that song by John Mayer, listen to a live version here (not sure why the captions are in Spanish). He’s still on my list of people I want to see in concert. These photos were taken during my trip around Columbus that I mentioned here and here. We got stuck by the train as we took pictures in front of the skyline, but we ended up getting some sweet pictures in front of the tracks. I snapped all of the ones of the tracks, except the one photo of me that my friend took on her camera.

stopthistrain (5) stopthistrain (4) stopthistrain (6) stopthistrain (1) stopthistrain (3) stopthistrain (7) stopthistrain (2)

I have a fascination with train tracks. I love taking photos of them and with them as a background. They remind me of my childhood when we would run along the tracks during cross country practice, or when I would go on weekend adventures with friends and our conversations would carry us along the tracks. This particular set of tracks is one of my favorites. I remember when I explored it with some friends in December of 2014, and we also took fun photos together (see here). I worked on a project on a site near the tracks for a class last spring and we learned about “bomb trains” to prepare for the project. Have you heard of “bomb trains”? If you haven’t, watch this video from Vice that we watched in class. If you don’t want to watch the video, it is basically when a train car is carrying crude oil and it explodes from the friction of derailing, which is why it is nicknamed “bomb train.” While this is a very serious environmental and safety threat, it was a great joke in our class when we learned our professor was completely terrified of trains because he could hear them from his house. And about a week after we watched the video, a train exploded in Virginia…scary stuff that’s not wide spread in the media. Anyway, that concludes the photos from my trip around Columbus last Friday. What do you think of trains?

Have a great weekend & happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂


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