Word for 2016: CREATE


I’ve mentioned a couple times last week that I would write a post about my word of the year: create. I know we are already one month and a week into 2016, but I had a special idea for this project, which required some planning. I wanted a local artist to create my “create” necklace and I thought of the perfect one: Kate from Red Giraffe Designs. I’ve been a big fan of her work for the past few years. It’s been so awesome to see her shop grow from an online store on Etsy to various markets around Central Ohio to a workshop/store in the Short North. I visited her on Friday and she made the necklace during the time I was there, which took less than 30 minutes. I had some ideas of how I wanted the necklace to look and she showed me the different options that she could create, it was so fun! After getting the necklace made, I met up with a couple friends to take pictures. We had to get some pictures for a class, but they were kind enough to shoot some of these for this post too! I drove by the black and white mural earlier in the week and I knew I wanted shots there! I’ve always seen the mural on social media, but I never knew where it was until this past week (Columbus folks, it’s by Oak and Grant in the Discovery District). We had a ton of fun taking pictures and adventuring around Columbus, and I have more photos to share this week.

columbusinfebruary 004 columbusinfebruary 001 columbusinfebruary 003 IMG_6812 IMG_6791 IMG_6811

So, why did I pick “create” to be my word for 2016? I want to…

Create new opportunities for myself in my professional career.

Create meaningful content & designs for this blog.

Create meaningful relationships with my existing friends & people I haven’t met yet.

Create crafts with my hands like I used to when I started this blog. 

Create a style that continues to show self expression.

Create a deeper relationship with the Lord. 

Create rich memories during my last semester of undergrad & as a college graduate. 

Create opportunities for those less fortunate & those who face injustice. 

Create new experiences & travels. 

Create my future post-undergrad.  

I still have high hopes for 2016, and so far I am not disappointed. I hope that create can play a vital role in my year and I’ll share progress every so often here on the blog. Do you have a word for 2016? I’d love to hear about yours and why you picked it! Have a great start to your week!


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