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University of Michigan | Ann Arbor, MI


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we visited the University of Michigan while in Ann Arbor. Overall, I really liked the university! I loved some of the older buildings, like the castle-like ones with the courtyard above and below and the Michigan Union (fourth from the bottom). We actually went inside a couple buildings to see the insides and get directions to the urban planning department. The campus was pretty busy with students, even on a holiday weekend. I loved the transparent maps that they had around the campus and the downtown (picture below the photo of me). ItΒ was a unique feature and it was cool to see the plans/sketches next to the real thing.

UofM (3) UofM (2)UofM (8) AnnArborMI 049 UofM (5) UofM (4) UofM (6) UofM (10) UofM (1)UofM (9)

The one thing that I wasn’t crazy about was the actual planning department. It’s on a separate part of campus that we actually drove to because we were hesitant to rely on a campus bus system on a Saturday. The Arts & Architecture Building was bland compared to the Knowlton School at Ohio State. We were able to get inside and it was kind of boring. At UofM, planning is within the architecture and arts school, which is a little different from OSU. We have architecture, landscape architecture, and planning in Knowlton. I don’t think I would love being on a separate section of campus if I ended up at UofM for grad school. It’s more removed from the downtown area that I shared in my last post (linked above), which I don’t like. As an urban planner, I want to be connected to an urban core while in grad school – trying to practice what I preach, you feel me? But despite us not really feeling the actual building for the planning department, we had a good visit to UofM. It’s always fun to walk around different college campuses! I’m excited to do more of that when I apply for grad school.

I hope you have a good Thursday!


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