Exploring Downtown Ann Arbor


Last month I traveled to Ann Arbor, Michigan with Chase and a few friends. Ann Arbor is about a three hour drive north of Columbus, OH. My friends and I had been talking about going to Ann Arbor for a while since one of my best friends applied to grad school at the University of Michigan. You might be thinking – “Why would a bunch of Ohio State Buckeyes want to go to the University of Michigan?” (if you are not aware, we are rivals and it’s probably the biggest rivalry in college football, next to Auburn & Alabama) – well our group didn’t make a huge deal out of that, and UofM and OSU are both great schools! Anyway…we stayed in a great AirBnB about 15 minutes outside of the city and explored the downtown and the campus.

AnnArborMI 109 AnnArborMI 022 AnnArborMI 031 AnnArborMI 032 AnnArborMI 027AnnArborMI 036 AnnArborMI 040 AnnArborMI 047AnnArborMI 005 AnnArborMI 104

I had to throw that last photo in – too cute not to share! It was outside Literati Bookstore, which Chase adored as a writer/book-lover. We had a really fun time exploring the city! Ann Arbor had a lot more to their downtown than we all expected. The downtown was connected to campus better than how Ohio State is connected with Downtown Columbus, at least in my opinion. There was a good mix of shops, restaurants, bars, and offices in the downtown – we all had places we wanted to stop in. We had amazing first meal when we got into downtown at Frita Batidos (see the store front above). It was so amazing that I would have ate there a second time, and now as I write this post I am craving it. We had dinner and drinks at the Blue Tractor, which was really fun. We had an AWESOME brunch at Cafe Zola the following morning. I got the Nutella Banana Crepes that was served with ice cream! Seriously, if you go to Ann Arbor, go to Frita Batidos for lunch/dinner and Cafe Zola for breakfast/brunch! I’ll also have more details in a Foodie Friday. So, the noms were definitely great in Ann Arbor, and so was the adventuring!

I’ll have a post tomorrow on our visit to the University of Michigan! Have a great Wednesday!


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