February Goals


Before seeing my goals for February let’s see how I did on my January goals

1. Closet purge. Yes! I made a huge dent in my closet and dresser. I even gave away a few items this weekend when I had friends over. I still need to photograph and list them on Poshmark, but I’ll be doing that soon. It feels so much better to have minimized my wardrobe and I’ll probably do it a second time to make sure I got everything out that doesn’t belong.

2. Spend time focusing on a new blog design. Yep! I change the layout of my blog in beginning of the month and I love it. I am also spending more time creating header images with blog titles for here and on social media. It’s been fun to experiment!

3. Make time for professional development. Sure! I started my portfolio last week because it’s due at the end of the week for my professional development class. I also worked on a new resume design at the beginning of the month that I am pleased with. I’ll be making more time for this in February.

4. Confirm spring break plans. Ehh.  I think I might end up staying in Columbus and working over break. I’m still considering a couple things that I could do.

5. Start reading the Bible againYeah! I read Romans throughout January. I didn’t really set a goal for how much to read, but at least I read one book. I definitely could have done better with this if I made it a higher priority.

4/5, not bad for the first month of the year! Now here is what I want to focus on in February:

1. Sell/Donate Clothes. Since I didn’t do the selling/donating clothes last month, I want to prioritize that for February! I might end up donating most of my clothes because it’s less of hassle than listing everything, but we’ll see!

2. Read 1st and 2nd Corinthians. I think this is an achievable goal and more focused than last month’s “Start reading the bible again.” I definitely want to be reading more of the Scripture this year and if I make it a goal to read certain parts, I know I’ll get in a better habit of doing so.

3. Less screen time. Guys, I am definitely a technology addict. It slows down my productivity and I am pretty sure it caused me to have some back pain (because we’re always hunched over looking at our phones or computers nowadays!). I’m not exactly sure how to go about this, but I think this monthly goal will be a reminder to lay off Instagram, Facebook, and the general interwebs when I need to focus on something more important.

4. Send out some applications. I’m feeling more confident in the format of my resume, so I am going to try to send out some job applications this month. Even if I don’t hear back, it’s always good practice.

5. Starting creating again. I decided that my word for the year is CREATE. I’ll have separate explaining more about why I picked that word and what it means to me, but I want to start making things again and focusing on my creative energy.

February is going to be a crazy month for me because I already have several things planned! I’m looking forward to all of them, though. I’ll be linking up with Nicole at Writes Like a Girl, so check out her blog to see what monthly goals she and the other bloggers have made. Happy first day of February!


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