Monthly Recap

January Recap

When I was thinking about where I wanted to take my blog in 2016, I decided that I wasn’t going to do the monthly recaps that I did in 2015. But after thinking about what I wanted to do instead, I decided to try a different recap style. This will be a great way of tracking my year. January was an absolutely crazy month for me, and a great start to a new year!

I got elected to the area commission I have interned with over the past year. // Chase & I got engaged.  // Blogging became a larger priority and I committed to posting four times a week. // Chase & I have both made some progress in growing our professional careers. // I started my last semester of undergrad and it has been a whirlwind since I have been back. // I traveled to Ann Arbor, Michigan with Chase & some friends, which will be on the blog next week! We visited the downtown & the University of Michigan. // I’m seeing The Oh Hellos tomorrow night! If you haven’t heard of them, this is my favorite song from their new CD.

I hope you enjoy the last weekend of January!


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