What I Wore — Leggings & Plaid


Compared to most girls my age, I do not wear leggings as much. I probably wear them twice a month and a lot of the time it is when I barely leave the house.  On this particular day, it was one of those days where I barely left my house, yet I felt cute in this outfit! I considered changing into a skirt and tights for the outfit pictures, but I can do that another time. I was actually wearing this plaid top when Chase proposed, so I will have to show how I wore it then!  I also wanted to photograph an outfit before my violet/magenta hair faded away. purpleplaid 019

purpleplaid 009 purpleplaid 012 purpleplaid 002 purpleplaid 014 purpleplaid 013 purpleplaid 027

Plaid top: Second ChanceLeggings & Boots: Target ~ Cardigan: second-hand ~ Earrings: gift

This look was semi-inspired by Nicole’s look of the long cardigan with leggings. I remembered how she paired her longer cardigan with leggings and I thought I should give it a try! I definitely prefer wearing longer tops when I wear leggings and this cardigan helps that. I’m still figuring out other ways to wear this cardigan. I have had it for over a year and only worn it once or twice. It might be in the sell/donate pile of clothes soon if I can’t figure out other ways to wear it. I know pairing it with jeans would probably be a success, but I am still “anti-pants”. Any suggestions on how to diversify this cardigan?

Have a great Wednesday! I have another outfit post lined up for tomorrow, so stay tuned!


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