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Traveling Toms Tuesdays | Key West, FL


I decided to show the odds and ends of my Key West trip in a Traveling Toms post. If you missed it, I shared three other posts about Key West: the homes of Key West, Eden House, and Duval Street. We spent just about two days in Key West. I recapped the first day in the posts on Duval Street and Eden House. The second day we spent more time walking around Duval and the neighborhood where Eden House was located. Before departing, we met up with Chase’s brother, who stayed at a resort on the water. We spent some time drinking by the pool and chatting before getting on the road back to Melbourne. We hit some traffic on the way back and our drive was much crazier than we anticipated, but we ended up stopping in Jacksonville for dinner and tried some delicious pizza. ttkeywest (4) ttkeywest (7) ttkeywest (8) ttkeywest (2) ttkeywest (1) ttkeywest (5) ttkeywest (9)keywest_charleston 117 keywest_charleston 075 keywest_charleston 074ttkeywest (3) ttkeywest (6)

The above picture is a kitty from the Hemingway House! We considered going in the house on the second day because we walked by, but it was far too touristy for us. It’s crazy how there is a huge fence around the Hemingway House and you can barely see the home from behind the fence. I was happy that we still got to see a couple kitties, though! The other animal featured above, the rooster, was something I did not expect! We saw several roosters walking around Key West. How the heck did they get to Key West? And I didn’t get a picture of this, but when we drove into The Keys really late, we saw about ten deer! That’s normal when driving on the back-roads in Ohio, but on an island that the only access is a two lane bridge…extremely strange.  There’s even a deer refuge located in The Keys, which is why we saw so many. The strange animal encounters definitely made the trip more interesting!

Our trip to Key West might have not been picture-perfect, but it was great to get some time away to relax in a new place with family. I think I would go back to Key West and I would probably spend a majority of my time drinking by the pool at Eden House. 🙂 Have a great Tuesday!


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