Homes of Key West


The homes of Key West were one of favorite parts about the area. Before visiting Key West, I was never impressed with the home styles and general architecture found in Florida. Most structures have to be built to withstand hurricanes and other intense storms. While there were some of those in Key West, I was impressed with the unique styles of architecture while in the residential areas. Some of the homes reminded me of the ones we saw in Charleston (see here). It was also fun to see the homes with festive decor! It stick gets me when I see snowmen decorations in Florida.

homesofkw (4) purpleshuttershomesofkw (6) homesofkw (7) homesofkw (3) tealhousewoodhomesofkw (5) homesofkw (1) homesofkw (2)

Aren’t they beautiful? I could definitely see myself living in one of those homes. The porches are one of the best features of the houses in Key West. It would be so wonderful to walk out on the upper porch with coffee and enjoy the heat year-round. Can you tell I am definitely missing the weather in Key West? It has been so cold here recently! We also got a ton of snow yesterday and we are expected to get more this weekend/next week.  And some of the homes featured in this post are actually B&Bs.

What do you think about the homes of Key West? Could you see yourself living in one? Have a great Thursday!


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