Eden House | Key West, FL


I mentioned in yesterday’s post about Duval Street (see here) that I would show where we stayed in Key West today. We stayed at the beautiful piece of paradise called Eden House. It was probably the best and prettiest hotel that I have ever stayed at. The pool and hot tub were awesome, the environment was relaxing, and it was in a great residential location. Also, they have complimentary happy hour by the pool…how awesome is that!?

edenhouse (2) edenhouse (3) edenhouse (8) edenhouse (7) edenhouse (9)edenhouse (1) edenhouse (4) edenhouse (6) edenhouse (5)

When we returned from our outing around Duval Street, we made our way back to Eden House to enjoy some time at the pool. We went for a short swim and had some drinks on the deck above the pool. It was so relaxing. I could use another trip to Eden House about now, especially because of the cold weather and snow the next few days. And you might be asking yourself what that kitty is doing in Eden House? Well, the employees said that the cat, who they have nick-named Thor because of his large size, spends most of his time in the lobby. He is a friendly cat and loves the attention from all the visitors. They said he probably spends more time at the hotel than he does at his real house! Thor and I had some bonding time the morning we left. Seriously, if you are ever in Key West, check out Eden House! I would highly recommend staying there (and this is definitely not a sponsored post!).

Have a great Wednesday!


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