Duval Street | Key West, FL


Now that I have recapped my Charleston trip, time to discuss my time in Key West! When Chase & I visited his family in Florida over winter break, we took a short trip to Key West. Chase & I had never been to Key West, so it was exciting to go to another new place! It’s a 6 hour drive from Melbourne to Key West, and we left late at night because we were still pretty tired from driving the previous days. We got in to Key West and crashed immediately at our hotel. The next morning, we had breakfast at Azur Restaurant before we started our day exploring. We walked around the neighborhood where our hotel, Eden House, was located and then ventured to Duval Street. duvalst (6) duvalst (1) duvalst (2) duvalst (4) duvalst (3) duvalst (5) duvalst (7)

Key West was busier than I expected! It was a little too overwhelming at times for me, which lead to some anxiety. I think it was busier than normal because of how close it was to Christmas and more people were vacationing away from the cold. Despite the craziness, I did enjoy walking down Duval Street and seeing what Key West had to offer. I enjoyed walking through the art galleries and fun shops. Key West has a great art scene! I didn’t expect the urban environment and the cool architecture (like that San Carlos building!). Tomorrow I have a post planned about our hotel, so stay tuned to see the piece of paradise we stayed at!

Have a great Tuesday!


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