Epiphany Engagement Announcement

epiphanyengagementtitleIf you saw my blog post on Monday about the architecture in Charleston, I mentioned that I made a special announcement on Instagram Sunday night and I would be discussing it here later in the week. Well if you missed it, CHASE & I ARE ENGAGED! You know how hard it was to keep it a secret from my blog and Instagram?! It was hard! I was posting away half of the week on social media and here without giving anything away!  We wanted to make sure we told certain people before announcing it on social media. I’m still in shock & filled with SO much happiness. So how did it happen?


Last week, on the Epiphany, Chase made a surprise dinner reservation for us to go out. We had dinner at Strongwater in Franklinton. Neither of us had been to Strongwater before, but it was a place we both have wanted to go for a while. It was all so delicious. We both got Franklinton Mules (their version of a Moscow Mule) to drink and shared dinner plates. I ordered the shrimp & butternut squash grits and Chase ordered the mac & cheese. We shared a slice of pumpkin spice coffee cheesecake. After dinner, he asked if I wanted to take a walk down to the Scioto Mile (see our last trip here). We took a nice walk around the holiday lights and the river while discussing our weeks, the Epiphany, and how we have shared many memories at the Scioto Mile over our 4 and a half years of dating. As we were on the second bridge, on our way back to Franklinton, I stopped to take pictures of the Columbus skyline. When I turned around, Chase grabbed my hands and told me about something he was writing about our relationship compared to bridges. As he let my hands go, he knelt down on one knee and proposed! Now, I was pretty shocked and had some nervous laughter because I couldn’t believe it! After the initial shock wore off, I said “yes!” We cheered, kissed, & hugged a bunch after that while gazing at the skyline from the bridge. What more could a city planner want to be proposed to in front of her city while on a bridge? We celebrated with a drink at another new-to-us place, Land-Grant Brewery Company in Franklinton. The pictures featured in this post were taken this past weekend after our first snow of the year in Columbus on my tripod.

SnowyEngagement (2)

I definitely want to have professional engagement photos taken, but I am really happy with how these turned out! We snapped 5 quick shots because it was freezing cold with the wind and all the snow. I got some of these printed earlier this week to give out to family. We don’t plan on getting married anytime soon, but I’ll talk about more of that later. And if you are wondering (since you can’t see the details of my ring), the ring has a tanzanite stone with diamonds on the band and I LOVE it.  He did so good. Also, I don’t think I have mentioned this, but Chase also has a blog! Go check out his adventures here. I’m happy that I could finally share with y’all about my special news!

I hope you have a great weekend! I have a trip planned with Chase and some of my friends that I am looking forward to.


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