What I Wore — Teal Sweater

tealsweatertitleIt’s about time for an outfit post! These photos are actually from a couple weeks ago and I usually never wait that long to post outfit photos on my blog, but I wanted to finish the Charleston recaps! Chase snapped these photos while I was dog sitting for my boss. We had a great time with Emma (the dog)! She actually stayed the night at my house, which I had never done before. She’s not great with cats, so I locked them in the basement both nights she stayed over. It went really well! By the second night, she definitely realized that I have two kitties, but the barking was minimal. The kitties were a little frightened at first, but everything went back to normal rather quickly. These photos were taken before we went on a super long walk with Emma around the neighborhood.

tealsweater (7) tealsweater (4) tealsweater (8) tealsweater (3)tealsweater (6)tealsweater (2)Sweater: Alternative Resale ShopΒ ~ Dress & Tights (never worn!): Thirfted ~ Shoes: Macy’s ~ Necklace: gift from Francesca’s

How about this color outfit! I don’t really dress for the seasons. I sure try, but I end up wearing bright colors year-round. I think it is nice to wear bright colors in the winter because it can help brighten my mood from the dreary, grey, and cold days. I recently got this sweater and it is great! The back is lacey, which is a cool feature (kind of weird to feel the coldness hit by exposed back in it though). Chase got me the necklace for Valentine’s Day a couple years ago because he knew I had been looking for a statement necklace. I like how it ties in all the colors of the outfit. The dress was actually featured in this outfit post from last springtime.

Have a great Thursday!


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