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Architecture | Charleston, SC

I mentioned in my last post on Rainbow Row that one of the things I loved about Charleston was the unique architecture. From huge mansions on Battery Park to beautiful cathedrals on King Street, the architecture is something that makes you stop and stare. The pastel building colors and detailed trims make each structure truly special. The residents of Charleston must be proud of the history the city has because of the historic preservation efforts. The historic structures are displayed with plaques from the Preservation Society, like the one below that is the Carolopolis Awardhistoricpreservationcharlestoncharlestonarch1 charlestonarch2 charlestonarch3 charlestonarch4 charlestonarch5 charlestonarch6 charlestonarch8 charlestonarch7Something I had never seen before was the doorway featured in the above photo. The residential area where our AirBnB was located featured many homes with a front door followed by an open front porch and another front door on the building. I was so curious to know why several homes were designed this way! It doesn’t really keep people out because they can hop over the side to get on the front porch and lots of front doors remained open (unlike the one above). When we were at Brown’s Court Bakery the first time (which featured one of these porch doors), I asked the woman working about them.  She told us that during the Civil War wives would close the door if their husband was away at war and they were not accepting company. Most businesses, like Brown’s Court use the open door to signify they are open for business nowadays. What a cool feature to still have in the city! If you are ever in Charleston, take time and appreciate the architecture.

Have a great start to your week! I made a special announcement last night on Instagram (see here) that I’ll be talking about later this week!


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